Our Guarantee

C & H Associates Guarantee

You get a letter and have a problem with a taxing authority, and you come see us. We don't tell you sorry you are on your own. C & H Associates stands behind our work.

We produce a quality tax return from the information you, the client provide us. we do this as a reasonable fee and do not ask to to pay for any "insurance plan" for us to stand behind our work.

If there is a problem with the return to any taxing authority, we can fix it. We are human, we all make mistakes. Here at C & H Associates we try to catch mistakes before the return leaves the office.

If it is our mistake, we will do the amended return for free and pay any interest and penalty imposed by the taxing authority. Any tax due is the responsibility of the client because you had the use of the money.

If you receive an audit notice from a tax authority, we will legally represent you at the audit and/or appeal. If we did the return then there is no additional charge for audit representation. (There is a charge for appeals because that requires travel.)

If you fail to provide all  the information necessary for an accurate return, then there is a fee for the amended return.

Don't worry about your return! C & H Associates stands behind our work.