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Come to C & H ASSOCIATES for all your tax and accounting needs.

Think all paid preparers are iout to rip you off? Think again! We offer more services for less money than almost all others! We stand behind our work without charging you for an insurance plan! (After all if you do the work, should not be able to back up what you did?)  CPA's around here along with the chains will charge you to correct a mistake even if it is their fault! If we messed up we will correct at no charge. Now if you did not get all  income  on original then that is your error and you do owe prep fee for correction. (I think that is fair; don't you?)

Pam, a registered preparer,  has six years experience, and Charles, an Enrolled Agent, has 33 years in this industry! (An Enrolled Agent has passed the Treasury Department's Special Enrollment exam to be able to represent clients in audits and appeals. (You don't have to go to audit or appeal!)

We have extensive background in forensic accounting. We have had several cases that traced fraud and or embesellment back to its source.

We are able to handle any tax problem that you have with Federal, state or municipal.

Our charges are resonable. We charge about half or less  of the chains and most other preparers. Just ask our clients!See some testimonials on our Facebook page - C&H ASSOCIATES. If you have questions stop by 1620 North A Street or call 479-783-5555. That's C&HASSOCITES - HOME OF THE TAX DOCTOR!


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